Суеверия на английском

Суеверия на английском

Вы верите в знамения, гадания, приметы? Вы суеверный человек? Даже если вы категорично отвечаете нет, вы всё равно помните, что встреча с черной кошкой к неудаче, а в разбитое зеркало лучше не смотреться, присесть на дорогу нужно для легкого и удачного путешествия. Все эти приметы каждый из нас хорошо знает. Настало время разобрать их на английском.

Superstitions in our life
Слова на английском Суеверия:

superstition – суеверие
jinx — проклятие, сглаз
omen — плохая примета, знамение
curse — проклятие, сглаз
old wives' tales — «бабушкины сказки» — идеи или советы, в которые люди верили раньше, но сейчас известно, что они ошибочны
reversal — неудача
notorious — пользующийся дурной славой
lucky streak — череда удачных событий
freebie – халява

Read the short text below and try to understand its meaning.
There are a lot of different superstitions all over the world. Some people believe in all jinxes, omens and curses. Others reject the existence of all superstitions. But I think that only little children can believe in such old wives' tales.
As for my region, there are some interesting superstitions here. For example, some students believe that if they shout: “Freebie, come! “ at night, they will have the best result in their exams. This funny superstition always makes me laugh! In addition, we believe that if a black cat runs across the road, it is bad luck. And also if you cross this road, you will have many reversals. Frankly speaking, I believe in this superstition. It always seems to me that because of the black cats, some good people can’t have a luck streak!

Answer the following questions.
1 What is the difference between superstition and science?
2 Do you think that there is truth behind superstitions?
3 What are lucky and unlucky superstitions in your country?
4 Do you have a lucky number?

Match the columns and learn about superstitions.
a. If a black cat crosses your path,
b. If a girl catches the bride’s
bouquet after a wedding,
c. If a witch points at you,
d. If you break a mirror,
e. If you find a clover plant with
four leaves,
f. If you hear an owl in the night,
g. If you scratch your left hand,
h. If you see a small spider,
i. If you talk of the devil,
j. If you touch wood,
k. If a person throws salt over
his/her shoulder,
l. If we walk under a ladder,
( ) he or she will have good luck.
( ) you will get a lot of money.
( ) you will have bad luck.
( ) a friend will die.
( ) we will have bad luck.
( ) your good luck will continue.
( ) you will have good luck.
( ) you will give money away.
( ) you will die.
( ) you will have seven years of
bad luck.
( ) she will be the next to marry.
( ) he will appear.

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