Как говорить о сне на английском?

Треть жизни человек спит. Остальное время мечтает выспаться. ) В любом случае тема Как говорить о сне на английском достаточно актуальна для любого, кто хочет повысить свой языковой уровень.

All of us can’t imagine our life without sleeping. Sleeping is as necessary as air, water and food. So, let’s discuss this topic and learn some new words.

Сон слова на английском:

a light sleeper — чутко спать
a heavy sleeper — спать беспробудным сном
drool – бесвязно говорить
stay up all night — не ложиться спать всю ночь
to have nightmares — снятся кошмары
take naps (take a nap) — вздремнуть
sleep with a stuffed animal — спать с плюшевой игрушкой
be tired — быть уставшим
to snore – храпеть
to be an early bird — быть ранней пташкой
to be a night owl — быть совой
insomnia — бессоница
good cure for insomnia — хорошее лекарство от бессоницы

Вопросы о Сне на английском:

After learning vocabulary answer the following questions:

  1. Are you an early bird or a night owl?
  2. Do you suffer from insomnia? If yes, do you have some good cure for it?
  3. Have you ever slept with a stuffed animal?
  4. Do you drool at nights?
  5. Do you take a nap, when you are tired?
  6. Do you snore?
  7. Are you a light or heavy sleeper?
  8. Have you ever had nightmares? What do you do to avoid them?
  9. Some people prefer staying up all night. Is it a good idea from your point of view?
  10. And now let’s have a look at some tips about good sleeping. What should you do, if you’d like to be a heavy sleeper?
Топик Сон на английском

Sleep is the best thing in our world.

There are different types of people. For example, a heavy sleeper, a light sleeper and a person who suffers from insomnia.

A heavy sleeper is a person who sleeps like a log.

Another type of a person is a light sleeper. He sleeps with one eye open and reacts at any noise. This type suits for people who can’t concentrate on their dream fully, when some certain problems disturb them.

What can I say about people who suffer from insomnia? It seems to me that they are poor people. I think they are too exhausted to sleep calmly. These people worry about something and it doesn’t give them to close their eyes. I also have such a variant that they have nightmares.

In my opinion everyone wants to fall asleep quickly. It means that every person would like to be a heavy sleeper. How can he do it? I think there are a lot of pieces of advice connected with this theme.

Firstly, you should have a habit of going to bed. It means that you ought to go to bed at the same time every day.

Secondly, you should have a walk before your sleeping. Thanks to it you will have a calm, sleepy night.

Thirdly, it will be perfect if you have nine hour sleeping. However you should remember that if you oversleep, it won’t give you a good result too.

Fourthly, a person needn’t eat heavy and fat food before his sleep. I mean meat, fried or roast potatoes, sausages, etc.

And the last, a person should study to concentrate on his dream. Very often something is on his mind, it disturbs and worries him. In addition, if a person has a lack of sleep, he should think about his problem. Everyone should care about his health and has a nap.

In any case you need to care about your sleep because sometimes it leads to serious consequences…


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